Welcome to our farm website!

Our website is a seedling growing day by day, just like our farm and the food we’ve planted. Read about us here. Check back often for updates.

You can purchase our sustainably grown produce — at the farm, the new Bobcaygeon farmers market, in Lindsay and Peterborough. You can buy as much or as little as you like, including a June-through-October weekly food box. See the 2010 produce list.

Why buy local?

  • eat fresh — maximize nutrition
  • healthy — no chemicals used to grow our veggies, herbs and fruits
  • food sensitivities — try field to plate
  • food security — you’re assured it’s available close to home and you know the people and land behind your food
  • support local farmers — your neighbours and friends
  • reduce our carbon footprint — slow global warming
  • try new foods — it’s fun… or old foods in new ways

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