Twinkle Toes

Got the horses feet trimmed this weekend.  As this (trimming horses) is what I do for a living, I usually end up making sure my clients horses are taken care of first, which often leaves little time to do my own unless I specifically schedule them in.

In comparison to most of the horses I see on a regular basis, trimming our horses is always a treat.  This isn’t just because they know me and trust me. Although I don’t see them as often, I consider all the horses I trim to be ‘my’ horses meaning that I treat them with the same genuine care, love and respect as if they were my own which builds strong rapport. The ‘treat’ is picking up the hooves and finding there is almost no work to do at all.

The lack of ‘work’ is because of the naturalized environment we have set up for our horses.  Our paddock simulates a wild environment for the horses in which they move more, eat slower, have a species appropriate diet, come and go as they please from the shelters, interact with other horses at all times (play, groom, sleep, etc.) and most convenient for me… maintain their own hooves!!

We have actually added stones and gravel to the horses’ environment (contrary to traditional or conventional practices).  Hard, textured surfaces not only wears the hooves down but also forms harder, stronger, more resilient hooves.  Hard footing = hard hooves, soft footing = soft hooves. This is why the outdated practice of affixing metal to the bottom of horses’ hooves still exists today.

When we keep our horses in an unnatural and unhealthy environment then our horses are susceptible to becoming unhealthy and having hooves that are unnatural.  They become pathological and diseased due to lack of proper wear or by unnatural influences from man (horse-shoeing, misinformed trimming techniques).  Unnatural and unhealthy come hand in hand.  Natural and healthy are not all that difficult to acheive but we must learn to trust nature, evolve from traditional practices, and not be afraid to seem a little ‘strange’.

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Angel gets her feet trimmed while the others eagerly await their turn

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