Forest Garden Tour Video - Part 1

In this video we look at two apple tree guilds, a cherry tree guild, pine tree guild, and a few vegetable patches along the way.

A guild is a group of elements (eg. plants, animals, fungi, rocks, land features) that use the same resources, and/or the same space. These elements are not all necessarily edible but are ideally beneficial or at least neutral to the surrounding elements.

A clip from Toby Hemenway’s book Gaia’s Garden ( lists some of the different elements that can make up a guild.

The Central Element – Food producing, wildlife supporting, or nitrogen fixing

Fruit trees – Apples, Peaches, Persimmons, Plums

Nut trees – Oaks, Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts

Nitrogen Fixers – Alders, Black Locust

Insect and Bird-Attracting Plants (Insectaries) – Lure pollinators and pest predators

Carrot family – Dill, Angelica, Chervil, Celery, Fennel, Parsley, Parsnip, Cilantro

Aster family – Yarrow, Sunflower, Aster, Calendula, Dahlia, Cosmos, Zinnia, Dandelion, Marigold, Daisy

Other great bird, bee, and butterfly plants: Borage, Nasturtium, Lavender, Lemon, Balm, Spearmint, Bergamont, Sweet Alyssum, Nettles

Nutrient Bio-Accumulators – Plants with deep taproots to draw up nutrients and minerals

Chicory, Plantain, Buckwheat, Burdock, Carrots, Dock, Beets, Dandelion

Nitrogen Fixers – Nutrient creation via fungal symbiosis on root nodules

Pea family – Peas, Beans, Indigo, Clover, Alfalfa, Lupine, Wisteria

Other nitrogen fixing Genus – Ceanothus, Elaeagnus, Hippophaë, Shepherdia

Mulch and Groundcover – Perennial soft leafy plants that break down into plant nutrients

Comfrey, artichokes, cardoon, clover, nasturtium, rhubarb

Grass-Suppressing Bulbs – keep grasses and weeds at bay with a circle of bulbs

Daffodils, Camas, Alliums (Garlic, Onions, Chives, Leeks)

Habitat Nooks – Attract more birds, bees, reptiles, and amphibians

Piles or rocks, stones, logs or brush,

Small ponds and water elements (Bird baths, fountains, greywater systems)

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