Spring Planting Begins!

We’ve just entered the new moon phase and the weather is warm, which means the floodgates of planting are open!

Here’s a link to a moon phase planting calendar and explanation of how it works:


Usually the outdoor plantings don’t begin until the first or second week of April but we’ve started a little early thanks to this extra warm weather.

So far we’ve planted:

radish-round red type
green onions
sugar snap peas
rapini aka raab

Indoors under grow lights we have:

red onions

On deck for early spring outdoor planting is:

snow peas-green and purple types
turnip-purple top white bottom
fava beans
radish-white icicle and daikon
carrot- red and orange types

Then at the end of april/early may we’ll begin the mid-late spring plantings of a variety of other veggies.

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