Currently, our menagerie consists of:

  • 5 horses and 2 ponies (1 in spirit)
  • 2 pet potbellied pigs: Smiley (grey) and Gloria (black)
  • 2 dogs
  • 5 cats
  • 3 red-eared sliders (turtles)
  • 5 chickens (egg layers)
  • 3 white Pekin and 2 black Cayuga ducks (for garden pest control)

The majority of our animals are rescues. Our two sweet, well-trained rescue ponies are available to give kids a pony adventure — including horse safety, grooming, introduction to natural horsemanship, dressing up the pony, and a ride. We donate 10% of the proceeds from all pony adventures to two local horse rescues, Freedom Valley (Omemee) and Heaven Can Wait (Cameron).