Farm Memberships

In the movie Avatar, humans learn to become one with the animals, to work with Nature, to respect and care for each other and all life, to put ego aside and create a sustainable future for all. You don’t have to go to Pandora or the theatre to live that fantasy. You can come to Greenshire:

  • Do trees, plants and local food get you fired up? Become a farm member or volunteer in our gardens. Learn about Permaculture, sustainable agriculture and food forests. Eat  food grown following organic principles throughout the growing season — you’ll find information on our CSA Food Box Program here.
  • Maybe sustainable building construction is your passion… or could be. Our plans include a multi-family Earthship residence (how would you like to live or vacation in it?!), strawbale and other alternative buildings, and ecotourism. First up: We’re building a passively heated, earth-sheltered greenhouse/chicken coop in Fall 2011.
  • Take a Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) workshop – this is simply a long term for an absolutely life-changing experience that involves indoor, classroom-style exercises and discussions with the facilitators and other workshop participants, combined with outdoor one-on-one interaction with one or more of our healing horses acting as biofeedback agents – mirrors – for you. Exercises with horses are non-riding! They are ground exercises, safely supervised and instructed by the workshop facilitators. No previous horse experience is necessary. Bring only your open mind and willingness to be part of something most unusual and fulfilling. You, too, can become one with the horse and take the majestic horse’s teachings with you into all areas of your life.
  • Maybe you want something less structured. Perhaps you just want fresh air, fun and more exercise into your life: Learn how to ‘play’ with a horse, take care of a horse, teach a horse tricks, or simply ‘be’ with a horse, using our horses. It’s all de-stressing, rewarding and healing. (We’re setting up a winter horse/people playground similar to this one [the non-riding parts]  – stay tuned!) Or explore our trails and fields. Bring your snowshoes or cross-country skis once snow arrives. Let our sacred land renew and rejuvenate you… as it does us. Our plans include a labyrinth for walking and/or meditation.
  • Perhaps you’re already a horse person but want to learn to communicate with horses in new ways – come for a FREE natural horsemanship demonstration and/or take introduction-to-natural-horsemanship lessons. Learn how to partner with a horse so they choose to be with you and do things with you.
  • Not into horses? We have two very attractive pet potbellied pigs – Smiley and Gloria. They were a real hit during the Fall 2010, 2011 and 2012 Kawartha Farmfest self-driving tours (we are one of several farm destinations available for the public to visit). But the piggies are not into cold or rainy weather so visiting time with them in winter is limited…

So many choices! We’re excited to be offering farm memberships – join in the various activities above; take permaculture and/or horsemanship and/or horsekeeping lessons; get discounts on workshops, food and products; dedicate a new tree planting to a beloved person or pet; access our library of books and magazines; have a beautiful place in Nature to enjoy.

What better gift could you give yourself and your family?

You’re invited to become a farm member, Healing Horse Centre sponsor, or donor. We’re also looking for investors; contact us to learn more: 705-879-4207.

What’s in it for you?

Farm memberships include:

  • Discounts on all farm products and services (such as food, worm compost, firewood, and more);
  • Free or discounted workshops (such as permaculture, worm composting or Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) and lessons (such as intro-to-natural-horsemanship or holistic horsekeeping);
  • Plant a fruit or nut tree with marker (both provided by us) dedicated to a beloved person or pet, living or passed on (Blossom and Stem membership levels only)
  • Free library service: inspirational books and magazines
  • Open spaces and trails to explore and be in Nature;
  • Fun with horses, your family and friends; and
  • Last but not least, a warm fuzzy feeling because we’re Growing a Greater Good together.

Yearly Membership Levels

Blossom  – $500 single; $800 family

  • 20% off all farm products and services including CSA (June through October weekly food box) and other food purchases
  • $100 off your choice of workshop(s)

Stem – $250 single; $400 family

  • 15% off all farm products and services including CSA (June through October weekly food box) and other food purchases
  • $50 off your choice of workshop(s)

Root – $100 single; $160 family

  • 10% off all farm products and services including CSA (June through October weekly food box) and other food purchases

Why? Because:

  • We purchased this land to steward and share; to provide a space for YOU to be able to come and experience peace and connection such as you may never have before.
  • We want you to feel what we feel when we have our hands in the “black gold” of our Earth’s soil and see the plants we nurture grow into beautiful, nutritious, delicious, life-giving food; when we merge with an animal in a new and unexpected way; when we walk the land and become infused with well-being; when we build innovative projects.
  • We want to “pay forward” the gift we’ve been given, so that change ripples out from this space that is Greenshire, through you, to create a better world.
  • We want to grow in service to you, our local and global communities, and our Mother Earth, who sustains and supports us. We are all one people under the Sun, on this very special planet. Our human lives are all linked with each other – and with all life, just like Pandora’s Na’vi people. Ours is truly an Avatar-style existence.

Please join us now: or 705-879-4207.

“Evidence shows ‘green exercise’ leads to positive short- and long-term health outcomes.”

“Every green environment improved both self-esteem and mood.”

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44 (10),  pp 3947–3955