Our Farm

Greenshire Eco Farms is a permaculture farm (established 2009), run co-operatively, located 15 minutes east of Lindsay, Ontario. Our 100 acres is approximately 30% young forest and 70% meadow. We aim to provide the community with sustainably grown food, permaculture living examples, alternative equine education and equine-assisted learning for humans, agri-tainment, educational opportunities, a showcase for local talent, and an eco-tourism destination. Who we are.

Our logo, a world triad, comprises three focus areas:


* Sustainable agriculture

* Local food security

* No chemicals

* Vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, wild edibles

* We offer tours of our budding food forests and teach permaculture methods that others may duplicate in their own rural or urban areas

Healing for Horses and for Humans Using Horses

* Rehabilitation and re-homing of sick, injured, abused horses

* Non-riding, equine-assisted learning for humans who want to make positive changes in their lives and achieve their potential — ultimately creating a healthier society

* Natural horsemanship and horsekeeping demonstrations and lessons, including non-riding playing and hanging with horses (very de-stressing!)

Sustainable Building and Agri-/Eco-tourism Destinations

* Experimental building of energy-efficient, fun places to live in and for visitors to stay while vacationing or taking our workshops (plans include Earthship, strawbale, cob, and more)

* Venue for musicians and artists’ work

All three areas are intertwined and interconnected in the Permaculture way of living in harmony with Nature, with all parts of the whole having multiple uses and purposes.

Examples include:

  • The area under a fruit tree is planted with shade-loving food plants such as peas. The fruit tree provides fruit, shade, shelter and, later on, wood.
  • Horse and pet potbellied pig manure is composted, facilitated by worms, to become fertilizer for the gardens.
  • You come for a two-day Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning workshop and stay in a strawbale eco-cottage, dining on our own and others’ local food throughout your stay.

Please contact the farm for more information: email or 705-879-4207.