Who We Are

Our farm is co-owned by several residents of Ontario, in the City of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Toronto and Windsor. Two owners currently live on the farm. We’ll be posting bios on new co-owners soon. Greenshire is run cooperatively by voting and collaboration.

Mike Hrynyk realized after working as a social science research assistant that his passion lay with the outdoors. Having graduated as a forest technician from Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario, Mike obtained employment timber cruising in northern Ontario, after which he constructed trails, often in environmentally sensitive areas in central Ontario.

In 1978 Mike applied for a temporary position with C.L.O.C.A. (Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority) where ultimately he enjoyed a rewarding career in excess of 32 years.

Initially, Mike was hired to assist with winter recreation programs and public demonstration for maple syrup production. It wasn’t long before he was promoted to park supervisor. This position involved overseeing 5 permanent and at times 15-20 seasonal staff, in an attempt to develop and maintain conservation areas for the purpose of skiing, skating, tobogganing, picnicking, camping and hiking. An environmental day camp was also established for children during summer months. In addition, thousands of trees were planted, reclaiming abandoned farmland that could not support crops. This provided an ideal format for reforestation projects, thereby offering a healthy watershed.

Mike received status of Provincial Offenses Officer, designed to enforce regulations under the Conservation Authority Act. He completed certification with respect to chainsaw and skidder operations, land class I and II exterminators license, WHMIS and first aid. Mike also chairs the Health and Safety Committee.

For the past 15 years, Mike took on the role of general superintendent. Overseeing 5,000 acres of tasks required, he attained skills pertaining to equipment, vehicle repair and maintenance and carpentry as well as gaining invaluable contacts, both professionally and personally with numerous tradespeople. He retired from C.L.O.C.A. in January 2011 to “build” Greenshire.

Mike lives with his wife in Bobcaygeon; he has 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. His passion remains in outdoor activities such as landscaping and construction. Mike takes great pleasure and pride in seeing firsthand the progress made in environmental issues.

Cindy MacDonald, a resident and co-founder of Greenshire Eco Farms and its Healing Horse Centre in Lindsay, Ontario, has a powerful affinity for all life and especially horses. As a child, Cindy was sure she’d been born as human in error. She spent every possible moment reading about or being a horse. In her twenties, Cindy cleaned stalls in exchange for riding lessons, then got her first horse. Later, sidetracked by cultural expectations for a number of years, she began to hear the voices of the horses calling her, softly. Growing more insistent, she envisioned an intentional farm community where co-species healing of horses and humans would take place. This has come to fruition. As a certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) practitioner, her focus within the Greenshire community, along with farm partner and FEEL co-facilitator Kaileen St. Antoine, is working in partnership with horse as teacher for people searching for meaning in their lives.

Cindy, also known by her medicine name Earth Lightning Woman, has a fiery passion for the Earth and a vision of world peace in her lifetime. She is a portal through which like-minded dreamers connect, grow and heal. Cindy sees Greenshire and its sacred land and horses as the crossroads whereby shared love of the outdoors, nature, animals, sustainable agriculture and community meet to grow a greater good through education and interactivity. She knows this will help change our world.

Cindy freelances website-management services from her home office on the farm, for an environmental-journalism educational organization (since 2000). She is certified in Reiki Level 2 and CranioSacral Therapy Level I, and is fascinated by the use of food as medicine. She has served on the board of directors of two environmental organizations, Citizens for Renewable Energy and Gamiing Nature Centre.

For Greenshire, Cindy wears many hats besides FEEL practitioner: farm administrator, accounting clerk, treasurer, reception, horse and pet pig holistic husbandry, purchasing agent, Kawartha Healing Horse Centre promotion and marketing, web content management, copyeditor. She consults, corresponds and mediates, individually and in groups, with farm residents, partners, visitors, contractors, and government entities.

Previously, Cindy worked for more than two decades in various office capacities, learning the skills that serve her so well now: senior teller/customer service rep at a bank, accounting clerk, purchasing agent, data entry operator, office temp at innumerable businesses, network marketing of health products, chiropractic assistant, and 12 years at a veterinary clinic as kennel cleaner, technician, and office manager. She is a French/Spanish undergraduate of the University of Windsor, with additional schooling in Animal Health Technology, financial accounting, holistic health, sales, marketing and communication.

Cindy has two artistically-talented daughters of whom she is very proud.

Cindy’s highest priority and top personal interest is in sharing the power of FEEL with YOU, through our magnificent horses. Contact Cindy: cindymac@greenshireecofarms.com, 705-879-4207.

Kerry MacDonald is currently a team lead co-ordinator with Vista Print in Windsor, Ontario, supervising printing-press staff operating computerized, state-of-the-art technology. Prior to this position, he was a material handler with Ventra Plastics, also in Windsor.

Being mechanically inclined and safety oriented, Kerry is comfortable with machines, tools, and equipment of all types, including chainsaws. He has experience with electrical, plumbing and construction, and has had his lift truck operator’s license for over 20 years.

Previously, Kerry owned and operated his own company, “Enviro Glassware” in Calgary, sterilizing glassware for environmental laboratories. For several years, he owned and operated a successful roadside food stand located on a major travelway in the Cranbrook, BC area.

Kerry loves animals and it shows as he is a talented animal trainer with diverse husbandry skills. He owned a hobby farm in BC with dogs, chickens, horses, and ostriches. Kerry has a green thumb and is working towards his goal of moving to the City of Kawartha Lakes with his family, to grow Greenshire Eco Farms on a full-time basis. He has a special interest in worm composting as an income stream for the farm. Currently, Kerry spends his vacations working on construction-related projects at Greenshire.

Tracey MacDonald works at TST Air in Windsor, Ontario. She has served TST in the logistics field for over 20 years, both importing and exporting cargo, mostly for the automotive sector. Tracey is experienced in customer service, marketing, accounting, and general office administration. She owns a small, home-based business (A&J Office Services), through which she’s provided bookkeeping services, and acted as consultant to Windsor-area trucking companies. She is an avid sportswoman, a Certified Lift Truck Operator – and a talented hairstylist!

With her well-rounded background, Tracey is keen to take a lead role in the coordination, development, and ongoing management of Greenshire’s planned ecovillage of varied sustainable-building prototypes over the next 4-5 years. Her organizational skills and attention to details, honed from her two decades working logistics at TST, perfectly position her for this task. She would like to work with our local college, Sir Sandford Fleming, to develop a hands-on, experiential course using natural building materials, through which students will learn viable sustainable-building-and-living skills to then change their world.

A devoted mother, Tracey has carefully nurtured a love of sports and the great outdoors in her two teen-aged sons, taking them on camping trips throughout Ontario, in all seasons, every year since they were small. Her older son is currently taking a leadership course and is very interested in attending Fleming’s Lindsay campus for forestry. Her youngest son is an enthusiastic outdoorsman and aspires to become a chef. He envisions doing all the cooking for Greenshire’s ecotourists in the future! To that end, he plans to begin by taking a Food Service course at his high school in Windsor.

Tracey’s intentions are to relocate with her family to the City of Kawartha Lakes in order to contribute full-time to the operation and development of Greenshire Eco Farms. She anticipates being a key player in Greenshire becoming a major attraction for eco-tourism in the Kawarthas. For now, Tracey works all her vacations here at Greenshire, helping with whatever needs to be done, from digging holes for tree planting to fence building to cutting shingles. She also performs Internet research for the farm from her home.


Ruth Reynolds is a local environmental science high-school teacher who is an engineer by training. Ruth and other teachers bring their classes out for tours as permaculture (related to climate change) is part of their curriculum. In addition, Ruth has a keen business mind and is playing a key role in our restructuring. Ruth came on board officially as a Greenshire co-owner/partner in December 2013, although she was heavily involved since January 2013. She owns Leo, a rescued mini-donkey who is part of our FEEL herd. Ruth pitches in wherever she’s needed, from harvesting wild edibles to supervising Me-to-We teens who visit as part of their leadership summer camp in Bethany.

Kaileen St. Antoine / Dancing Heart Warrior has always felt an affinity for nature and animals. Her grandparents owned a fishing lodge on beautiful Wassi Lake near North Bay, ON and she spent her vacations with them soaking in the wonder of the wilderness around her. Her first experience with horses was witnessing the healing power they had on people with special needs when her brother began taking therapeutic riding lessons. Kaileen was now passionately in love with horses; the term ‘horse crazy’ describes precisely her childhood years. As an adolescent she took riding lessons and competed in shows.

While in high school she had the experience of working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre which inspired her to continue down that path in her post-secondary education. In 2006 Kaileen graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College with a diploma as a Fish and Wildlife Conservation Technician. During her college years she also attained a certification by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council in Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation and held a summer intern position with Wildlife Preservation Canada working with Eastern Loggerhead Shrikes, an endangered species of songbird.

While in college Kaileen’s love of horses was rekindled. She dedicated all of her spare time volunteering with Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue. Having a hand in helping over 300 equines, she gained invaluable knowledge of horse health, behaviour, and training, as well as valuable skills in public relations, fundraising and coordinating and supervising volunteers. It was during her time with Heaven Can Wait that she became interested in natural hoofcare and began an apprenticeship with Nature’s Barefoot Hoofcare Guild Inc. She is now a certified Natural Hoofcare Practitioner and currently has her own business performing natural trims on clients’ horses in the Kawartha Lakes and surrounding areas.

Kaileen has a keen interest in Parelli Natural Horsemanship and is working towards certification as a Parelli Professional Trainer.

In addition to her passion for animals, Kaileen also has a love of organic farming. She has several years’ experience in all aspects of growing food for market, including operating a food-box program. In 2009 she co-founded Greenshire Eco Farms, a cooperatively owned farm operation on which she resides. In 2010 she and farm partner Cindy MacDonald founded the Healing Horse Centre at Greenshire to facilitate the healing of horses and humans alike. In May 2011 she attained certification as a Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning practitioner and is now sharing the teaching of the horses to aid people in personal development.

Kaileen is Greenshire’s primary equine researcher and nutritionist. She also provides web content management, marketing, planning and development skills.

She is very excited to continue on her journey of self improvement and feels joyful in sharing this with others. Contact Kaileen: kaileens@greenshireecofarms.com, 705-879-4207.

Michelle St. Antoine has had formal training in journalism, cosmetology, floral design, art and WHMIS. Her work experience includes floral design, sales, garden planning, homeschooling children, and housekeeper and companion for seniors.

As a founding member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor/Essex (Ontario), Michelle served for twelve years in a variety of positions: VP, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, and prime Fundraiser. In addition, she has served on the advisory boards of Assumption College High School (VP), Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Children’s Services, Children’s Achievement Centre Advisory Council, C.A.C. Parent Council, and St. James Advisory Council. At Greenshire, Michelle has taken on the role of Quality Control Manager and packages all produce for market and CSA.

Michelle is a past Greenshire resident who, along with Donna, worked to develop value-added products which they sell at the Peterborough Square Farmers Market. She also helps with marketing and fundraising. Together with Donna, she designed our unique butterfly garden.

Michelle is a wife and mother who has her own arts-and-crafts business, sings in a tour group and choir, and has interests in gardening and landscaping, reading and research, blogging (on gardening), liturgical decorating, sewing, cooking and organizing reunions and large events, and computer use (including desktop publishing).

Tom St. Antoine graduated as a Food Processing Technologist, holds several food-safety certificates, and has extensive experience in both the food processing industry (including supervisory) and the pharmaceutical industry.

With a diploma as an Industrial Mechanic (Millright), as well as machine-safety and WHMIS certificates, his experience includes welding, machining, drafting, rigging and hoisting, and machine repair/troubleshooting. Tom is also a Certified Lift Truck Operator.

A real handyman, he enjoys all aspects of home projects, from design, construction and renovation to maintenance, plumbing, electrical, and minor appliance repair. He also has a G licence, truck-driving experience, and does vehicle maintenance/minor repairs, bodywork, and detailing.

Tom enjoys woodworking, gardening and landscaping, performing as a drummer and singer, crafts, and computer use. He has a current First Aid/CPR Basic Life Support Certificate. Tom is a past resident of Greenshire Eco Farms, where his skills and creativity were put to good use, including designing and building our first slow-feeder for horses. He currently resides in Bobcaygeon and works for Resline Ltd., preparing, repairing, and installing flooring at industrial, commercial and residential locations.

Donna Salich, a certified Elementary School teacher, also has experience at the Vocational School level as a supply teacher for a wide range of subjects including students with disabilities.

Now retired, she had twenty years’ experience with Revenue Canada, in the former Customs and Excise Department in Windsor, Ontario. After becoming certified in basic accounting, she worked as a Drawback Specialist, which included audits at large corporations. Her experience encompassed acting as Regional Remissions Officer, and working as a Compliance Officer. For the Managers of the various departments within Customs, she organized and coordinated Equal Opportunity Seminars through which all employees in the Southwestern Region rotated on a voluntary basis to learn about areas of potential interest to them.

With a strong interest and focus on health and wellness since 1997, she has a wealth of experience educating people and helping them toward better health. She pioneered and coordinated the annual “Living Green for Wellness Expo” in Windsor in 2008 and 2009, as fundraisers. Duties included finding and programming of prominent speakers, holistic practitioners, selling vendor table spaces and promoting the event.

As an active lawn bowler, she was a Board member for four years, in the position of Social Director, arranging monthly and special events.

Donna, a past Greenshire resident, now lives in Lindsay, where she has ably taken on the roles of publications expert and grant/funding researcher. In addition, she is a key marketer and promoter of the farm’s products and services.