Growing A Masanobu Fukuoka Inspired No-Till Grain Crop With The Help Of A Pig, Some Plants, And A Tool From The Grim Reapers Arsenal...The Scythe!

Today one of our pot-belly pigs, Gloria, was helping clear some ground in the gardens. This land will be used to plant and cultivate a grain crop by hand, based on the natural farming techniques of Masanobu Fukuoka. Fukuoka is famous worldwide for his methods and books such as “One Straw Revolution” , and “The […]

Twinkle Toes

Got the horses feet trimmed this weekend.  As this (trimming horses) is what I do for a living, I usually end up making sure my clients horses are taken care of first, which often leaves little time to do my own unless I specifically schedule them in.

In comparison to most of the horses I see on a regular […]