Winter Micro Greens!

Locally grown food can be hard to come by, especially in the dead of winter but we’ve got it covered here at Greenshire Eco Farms.

Since late December we’ve been growing micro greens in one of our out-buildings; an ex school portable. Micro greens are similar to sprouts in that they are both baby plants but […]

The Solstice Approaches!

I am finally getting back on the blog horse after too long since the last post. I thought I’d give a report-of-sorts on how things have gone now that we’re at the end of spring.

The early heat in late March made for one of the worst years in decades for maple syrup production. We didn’t even […]

Greenshire is Nuts!

We just recently finished planting 69 nut trees and 4 fruit trees, totaling about 3 acres!

The types of nut trees we planted are:


Korean Pine Nut




Hybrid sweet oak


I know what you’re probably thinking but yes, you really can grow those here in central Ontario. I must admit that the pecan is really pushing the boundaries of […]

Video Tour of our Hugelkultur Forest Garden Plot

Here’s a tour of our one year old hugelkultur forest garden of 50 feet x 100 feet.

“What is hugelkultur?” you ask?

Hugelkultur is the burying of woody material to create a raised garden bed. Whole trees, limb prunings, hedge clippings, brassica stems, and any other woody material can be used. Often, herbaceous plant material is […]

Hay Bale Garden Tour

Here’s a tour of our experimental hay bale gardens:

Welcome to our farm website!

Our website is a seedling growing day by day, just like our farm and the food we’ve planted. Read about us here. Check back often for updates.

You can purchase our sustainably grown produce — at the farm, the new Bobcaygeon farmers market, in Lindsay and Peterborough. You can buy as much or as little as […]