Winter Micro Greens!

Locally grown food can be hard to come by, especially in the dead of winter but we’ve got it covered here at Greenshire Eco Farms.

Since late December we’ve been growing micro greens in one of our out-buildings; an ex school portable. Micro greens are similar to sprouts in that they are both baby plants but […]

Planting Garlic in December??? Thanks Climate Change... A 'How To' Guide to Growing and Harvesting No-Till Garlic

Yes you read right, we’re planting garlic at Greenshire in the December days leading up to Christmas. I was putting some in the ground today, which is definitely not the norm for this time of year, though it seems like the normal weather has been thrown out the window round these parts. I should be […]

Spring Planting Begins!

We’ve just entered the new moon phase and the weather is warm, which means the floodgates of planting are open!

Here’s a link to a moon phase planting calendar and explanation of how it works:

Usually the outdoor plantings don’t begin until the first or second week of April but we’ve started a little early thanks to […]

Self-Seeded Tomato Circle Video

I think we only ever watered these tomatoes once. It while they were first forming fruit but they didn’t actually need the water, I just wanted to boost their fruit set a little. I should mention that we are in zone 5a in Ontario Canada. You’re not supposed to be able to get a finished […]

How to Plant Garlic and Grow It as a Perennial

So the garlic is all planted, finally. I put approximately 6000-7000 cloves in the ground.

Some were planted in a ring around our fruit trees, and strawberries for their aromatic protection against pests. Most were planted in large blocks with vacant strips in between, so that vulnerable crops can grow within a protective border of garlic.

Usually, […]