2017 Superfoods and Market Garden Products


This year you’ll find us at the new indoor market at Lindsay Square Mall, every Wednesday beginning June 14 through Oct 25, 11am – 7pm, and again for the Christmas markets, Nov 17 and 18. Pay as you go each week or preorder and pay via our Superfoods program below.

We’re growing a wide variety of annual vegetables. And we’ll be putting up a commercial greenhouse this summer, from which we will have available multiple varieties of organically grown cherry tomatoes in Sept — red, yellow, orange, black and white. New this year: edible flowers!

The roadside stand at the farm will be open as well. Hours will be posted here soon. Please check back.



You can join the Superfoods program any time. It’s available year round — at the Lindsay Square Mall’s Urban Market, June through October, and at a Lindsay location every two weeks over the winters.

Being very flexible, our program allows you to order what you want and when you want. It works on a credit/debit system – just like your bank account.
The steps to get started are very easy.

1) Start with a deposit of $30 (see options below).
2) Notify us by email at greenshireecofarms@gmail.com of your payment (and method) along with your first order.

*** Important *** Please use in your email subject line, “Superfoods attn. Donna”, and include in your first email your full name, address and phone no. These would be used only in case you needed to be reached re an order/delivery if time is limited. If you don’t have access to a computer, the same info may be included with your first cheque/cash payment that is either mailed or dropped off.


Lindsay: The indoor Urban Market at Lindsay Square Mall, 401 Kent St W., 11am-7pm, June 7 through Sep 27.


Important: Whichever payment method you choose, please include your full name, address, phone number and email address for our records. Thank you.

  • Pay in person at the Lindsay Square Mall
  • Email transfer to greenshireecofarms@gmail.com.
  • Paypal payment: click on “Buy Now” below.
  • Mail a cheque made out to Greenshire Eco Farms, 1563 Pigeon Lake Rd., Lindsay ON K9V 4R5
  • Drop off a cheque or cash at the farm or a Lindsay location (please inquire: greenshireecofarms@gmail.com or 705-879-4207).

When your $30 runs low and you wish to top up your balance, simply utilize one of the above payment options.




Because we grow only to order to ensure freshness and a food-safe product, we require a lead time before your pick-up date at the Mall market. Please place orders as follows:

a) For all shoots, order 2 weeks before your Wed. pick-up date
b) For all sprouts, order 10 days before your Wed. pick-up date

Pre-ordering ensures that your choice of product will be available.
The list of products available will change, so check weekly before ordering.



2 oz bag of cut greens shoots for $3.00

  • pea shoots

Shoot Trays — cut as needed! Some get 2-3 re-growths/tray.

10″ x 20″         $25.00 each
4″ x   6″           $  4.00


  • pea shoots
  • sunflower (coming soon!)
  • wheat grass


Five-day-old organic broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli Brassica Blend.

Note: We won’t have sprouts available for sale at the Mall Market, but are available for customers enrolled in our Superfoods Program as described above (pre-ordered and pre-paid).

4 oz bag for $2.50

  • Ancient Eastern Blend (lentils, fenugreek, kamut, adzuki beans)
  • chickpeas
  • fenugreek

2 oz bag for $3.00

  • alfalfa
  • Broccoli Brassica Blend (broccoli, broccoli raab (rapini), radish, mustard, arugula)
  • Salad/Sandwich Booster (alfalfa, mustard, radish, red clover)


Sprouting directions are available here.

All in 125 gm (4.4 oz) bags unless otherwise noted.

$3.00 each:
Ancient Eastern Blend ((lentils, fenugreek, kamut, adzuki beans)
Chick peas (garbanzo beans)
Crimson Lentils
Oriental Mustard

$3.50 each:
Daikon Radish
Wheat grass

$4.00 each:
Salad/Sandwich Booster (alfalfa, mustard, radish, red clover)

$4.50 each:
Broccoli Brassica Blend (broccoli, broccoli raab (rapini), radish, mustard, arugula).

100 gm for $7.50:


Our organic parsley is dehydrated at a very low temperature to preserve enzymes. Add to soups, casseroles, sauces. Can be substituted for cilantro in any recipe.

4 gm bottle: $3.00


We’re selling our friends’ fabulous, free-range eggs with rich, dark yellow, nutritious yolks. Available at our farm only.



  • Garlic scape powder coming soon
  • Garlic powder (made from the bulbs) will be available later in the summer.



Hemp Hearts are an excellent source of protein (24%), minerals and dietary fibre.  See Dr. Axe’s list of benefits.

  • Hemp Hearts – 500 g for $12

Hemp seed oil, pressed from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, has been named nature’s perfect food due to its balanced concentrations of omega fatty acids. The essential fatty acids in these oils are fundamental in restoring health and immune function. Hemp seed oil contains 80 percent essential fatty acids, the highest of any plant. In concept, this oil could provide all of our EFA necessities for life. Essential fatty acids are the omega fats that cannot be produced by the body and must be ingested. They are known for their role in preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, arthritis and much more. (Excerpted from Natural News)

  • Hemp Oil, cold pressed – 500 ml for $14


Local raw honey from Joe Valas Apiaries, Lindsay ON. Joe has been producing honey for over 50 years … with love.

500 ml for $6


Wheat grass, organic – may also contain barley grass &/or oat grass 

$3.00 for a 4″ x 5″ container.

sprout-jarPleases cats, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, iguanas, turtles and many more of our other-than-human friends. Cats and other creatures need vegetable matter in their diet, just like people. Kritter Grass supplies that along with great nutrition. You know they need greens if they are eating houseplants.


1500 ml bottle — $7.50

The glass jar with chrome lid is 8” high x 4” diameter. It contains screen for draining, elastic to hold screen in place and directions for sprouting. Seeds not included. Detailed directions are also available here.


Email greenshireecofarms@gmail.com. Attention: Donna Salich.

Greenshire co-founder Donna Salich proudly shows our products at the Christmas Farmers Market in Lindsay, Dec 19, 2015.

Greenshire co-founder Donna Salich proudly shows our products at the Christmas Farmers Market in Lindsay, Dec 19, 2015.