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    Thank you to all who are helping us on this journey.  The spiral of eternal abundance continues because of you.

    Sonia Kaminski, Beige McIntosh, Rita McGee, Glenn Conrad, Barb van Maris and friends, Iris Karry, Nina Pesce, Carolyne Shaw, Michael Silzer, Leanne Reich, Jesuit Refuge and Migrant Service, Harry Elken, Amanda Mackie, Michael Vessey, Brandon Strickland/Project Rejuvenation Network, Casimir Alyea, Paulina Elgueta Ossandón, Virginia Calonge Varela, Tholath Mathew Joseph, Sally Goodwin, Stéphanie Bataller, Marco Tognetti, Katharina Prinz, Björn Schmidt, Julie Bridson, Juli Reinecke, Charles Bentley, Eden Taylor, Allyson Stuart, Cody Ruttan, Adbullah Jisri, Vlado Siljanoski, Theresa Brisebois, Essex County Talent Academy, Airyn Alleva, Alan St.Antoine, Tara Dawn Baldwin, Earthsea Interpretations, Paulette Willey, David Cameron, Nathan Carey, Kristen Hamley, Krista Welsh, Margot Herd, Teresa Falsetta, Alexander Forbes, Sheri & Gregory Lapienes, Jackie Toplack, Barry and Pat Harbroe, John MacPherson, Jean Maskens, Andrea Follett, Michelle and Gerry Lemire, Lindsay Logsdon, Diana Guiducci, Brenna Jansen, Mary Anne Charette, Douglas Brisebois, Laurie McIntosh, Nancy Drew, Barb St.Antoine, Mark Lusher, Dianne Barton, Alexa Small, Craig Brant, Susan Broad, Judy Trealout, Jackie Ladouceur, Beata Szablowska, Alain d’Amours, Datch Haven, Susanne Bradshaw, Christine Bruggers, Margaret Thurston, Darryl Fisher, Heather Best, Jeanne Dewar, Julian Montinaro, Ariel Tsun, Boston Pizza/Lindsay, Deb Stanton, Michael Giese, Cheryl Evans, Chris Welch, Linda Howes, Cheryl Harcourt, Paulette Willey, Linda Michon/T-Zone Lindsay, Amy van Gerven, Vicki Reeve, Kelly and Leashea Serson, Julia Wright, Jane Lee, Tammy Thirnbeck, Christine and Howie Welch, Cheryl Evans, Charlene Vanderburg, Sue Learmonth, Maria Tohill, Paola di Paolo, Jacquie Hansford, Joan Michaels, Cecil and Donna Rowe, John and Maryon Allen and family, Carol and Garth Krieger, Mary McMullen and Ken Harris, Sharon and Glen Williams, Cynthia Hucks, Liz Style, Barbara Moore, Deb Bartlett, Doug van Hemessen, JoAnne’s Place (Lindsay), Karen McKeown, Susan Maracle, Doran Hayes, Jean Maskens, The Sweet Kitchen, Ewa Bednarczuk, Larry Trealout and Judy Montgomery, Alain d’Amours, Danny and Linda Knouse, Kyle Chivers and Elk the Moose, Jade Watson, Laureen Hunter, Joan Gauthier, LolaJean Gentles, Laurie McIntosh, Cody Ruttan, Adbullah Jisri (A.J.), Shaun Thurston, Glenn McKay, Vlado Siljanoski, Kathleen Wylie, Me to We/Bethany Leadership Camp, Julian Montinaro, Dr. Kyle Goldie, Joe Parsons, Behzad Mohammadkhani, Ariel Tsun, Jeanne Pollack, Lisa Gervais, Nancy Gosse, Suzanne Sholer/Omemee Pigeon eFlyer, Kevin Inch, Leah Gooyers, Julian Otharson, Beth Parke, Michael Crosbie, Jay Letto and Dawn Stover, Community Stream Steward Program, Carrot Cache, Wendy Golding and Andre Leclipteux of Horse Spirit Connections, Hugh Morshead, Nitya Escriva, Sarah Manning, Suse Hirsch, Jess Stares, Elizabeth Fennel and Paul Oldham, Holly Archer, James Archer, Bob Cooper, Angie and Verne Windrem of Green Street, our CSA/weekly food box customers, Solomon Johnston, Natalie Rosso, Sasha Lambrinos, Artbox (designed our gorgeous logo), Anastasia Milne Parkes and Ken Hancherow, Leo and Carol Jileson, Michelle Hughes, Erin Boynton, Radek Odolczyk, Mark Gaizauskas, Erin Gallagher and John Nolan of Big Tub Botanicals, Peter Putnins and family, Ward 14 Councillor Ron Ashmore, City of Kawartha Lakes (with special thanks to Agricultural Development Officer Kelly Maloney), Les Bowser, Mieke Schipper and everyone at Gamiing Nature Centre, Debra and Vince Badame, Annie Lalande of Annie Natural Horsemanship

    More to come…

    “The sage never tries to store things up. The more he does for others, the more he has. The more he gives to others, the greater his abundance.” ~ Lao Tzu