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    F.E.E.L. Testimonials

    The people below have enjoyed the unique experience of Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (F.E.E.L.) with the horse as mirror and teacher, co-facilitated by Cindy MacDonald and Kaileen St. Antoine. They graciously wrote these testimonials that are so heartwarming to Kaileen and I. Thank you all very much! Cindy


    “Enlightening, powerful and transformative are the words I would use to describe my experience with the horses.

    It was like the horses could see past all the walls and boundaries that a person puts up to cope with all those difficult life moments. It was like the horses could see through the emotional baggage and the personal obstacles right into your core where they reached out and touched you with their gentleness.

    Before I had went through the experience myself I was skeptical and unsure but the workshop opened me to a new way of learning about myself. I did not expect to be so moved and to gain so much insight into myself.

    I left the workshop, after the discussions and the exercises with the horses, with a peaceful feeling that somehow I was more centred and grounded.

    Kaileen and Cindy were supportive and skilful facilitators who guided me through the process. They made it a safe place to open up on an emotional level so that I could truly experience the energy and connection with the horses.

    July 2012 — My F.E.E.L. experience with Cindy, Kaileen and their 7 amazing
    horses has brought lasting changes to my ‘BE’ing. They set the bar high for
    success and were living examples of working together with team spirit. The
    mutual feelings of love and respect were ever so tangible between the women
    and their horses. All activities and situations were handled in such calm,
    accepting and non-judgmental ways that I found it was easy to trust and to
    be my authentic Self, allowing me to discover hidden gifts.
    I was surprized to find out how well I could ‘read’ horse behavior and feel
    the energies of the horses so strongly. I was blessed to be able to
    communicate with these beautiful 4-leggeds (Grandmother, in particular) and
    to learn valuable lessons in the process. Three powerful messages that I shall
    never forget are:1.) The only thing I have control of — is my own energy.2.) Love = Life (fear = loss)

    3.) Just say … H O W!

    H umbly
    O pening to/Offering (giving and receiving happen simultaneously)
    W isdom

    O urSelves
    W herever we go. W hatever we say or do. W henever we can.

    HOW can I connect my mind and heart?

    HOW can I be of service?

    Because horses are always in the NOW and so ‘present’ to their
    surroundings, their open and honest behavior nudged me to re-evaluate
    my human relationships. I was able to clearly re-define what would work
    or not work for me in a meaningful relationship. I recognized that I
    wanted the ‘relationship’ to come first — not who was right or wrong, or
    in control. I have also gained a sense of inner peace that is so very
    comforting, in spite of trying situations or adverse circumstances. I’ve
    earned great respect for ‘going into the silence’ and I’ve learned that
    watching and listening are more powerful than words.

    So it is with heart-felt gratitude that I shall forever be indebted to Cindy
    MacDonald, Kaileen St. Antoine and their loving horses. The F.E.E.L.
    experience has brought me H OM E to mySelf.

    H ealing
    E nergy

    Kay H. (Leamington,ON)

    I would personally recommend you to try this wonderful experience – there is nothing like it anywhere!!!!”

    Julie E., Toronto, Ontario
    May 2011

    “I went into F.E.E.L. honestly not knowing what to expect. I came away with a greater understanding of horses and a much deeper awareness of my own self. I would recommend any one try this program.”

    Lisa G., Lindsay, Ontario
    July 2011

    “I always knew that horses held a key for me; some nugget of truth that eluded me. Horses would appear to me in many forms through dreams and images, and whenever I found myself in an area near where horses roamed, I felt drawn to them like a magnet. So of course, when I had the opportunity to participate in a F.E.E.L session, I was delighted. Finally I would have the opportunity to bring my connection to horses to a tangible, tactile, and upfront experience to hear and see the secrets they held for me. Needless to say they opened my heart space and showed me clearly that I needed to trust what I feel and see; and if didn’t already get that message, Angel pushing her head into my heart space and nudging me along my obstacles certainly showed me. Satine gently broke through my barrier by patiently standing with me and showing me how the perceived ‘power’ that left me feeling fearful was actually my own powerful invisible barrier that kept me from receiving the gifts of beautiful exchange. In a matter of only a few mere hours, I stepped out of a place of needing a fence between us to having my head engulfed with a massive horse head laying on top of my own and standing between three horse bodies all eagerly nuzzling me as if hugging me. It was amazing to realize how accurately our ‘nature’ guides us to see truth in its powerful simplicity when we only allow a relaxed and responsive stance; observing, acknowledging, allowing, and going gently back to grazing.”

    Nancy G., Lindsay, Ontario
    July 2011

    “Through my sessions, I learned so much about the consciousness of horses. It was amazing and fun to become aware how deep the connection can be between myself and animals.”

    Sam H., Ottawa, Ontario
    September 2011 (at 14 years of age)

    “I really enjoyed the connection with the horses — communication through energy and body language is so effectively peaceful…. it seems to slow the world down.”

    Fred I., Peterborough, Ontario
    August 2011

    “The time I spent with Cindy, Kaileen and the wonderful Herd was very precious. It reminded me what is really important in life, and to be true to myself as opposed to what others felt I should be. But the one lesson that has really stayed with me is the lesson of compassion; for others but also for myself! I’ve learned that this wonderful emotion can replace so much anger, depression and frustration and is a strong catalyst for personal growth. Compassion has brought an inner peace within myself and the world, and allows me to accept things as they are. Not only have I benefited emotionally, but physically as well. My blood pressure has returned to very healthy levels, and my dosage of antidepressants/anti anxiety medication has been cut in half, with the hope of weaning myself off completely in the near future. Thank you so very much for providing a safe, open environment to allow every flower to bloom in their own special way!”

    Dayle L., Ajax, Ontario
    August 2011

    “I was very impressed with what I participated in and with the peaceful, non-competitive atmosphere. It is not often we take the time to look at the world and others in our immediate vicinity and really make observations other than superficial ones. Spending some time reading body language and finding out the messages we project to others gives one perspective on how and why persons react the way they do in certain situations. It was certainly heartwarming to see the wonderful relationship, hardwon as it was, between Kaileen and Satine.”

    Joan M., Peterborough, Ontario
    August 2011

    “Dear Cindy and Kaileen,

    I just wanted to write you both and thank you so much for the F.E.E.L. work you do.

    I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but the things that happened and the connections I made with the horses was an incredible experience in self exploration.

    With both of you girls and the horses’ help I am dealing much better with some major issues in my life.

    The sudden loss of my beloved husband shattered my life and the lessons you taught help me pause and realize I am still alive and can move on. More important I can still have a life and be happy!

    I learned that I can only look after the ones I love by taking time to look after me.

    There is so much more but I want to urge everyone no matter who they are or where they are in their lives to take time to experience the help of the horses and the nature around them.

    It seems Mother Nature is much more caring about us than we think. God Bless and thank you so much!”

    Pam M., Blackstock, Ontario
    July 2011