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    Our Horses, Our Rescues

    At Greenshire we believe that nature is the best teacher when it comes to caring for our horses. We are committed to learning, sharing and teaching by example alternative and innovative ways to care for our horses that provide them with a naturalized lifestyle, optimal health and training.


    • We have set up a naturalized living environment for our horses based on the Paddock Paradise concept developed by Jaime Jackson.
    • Our paddock is set up as a track for the horses to follow through woods, meadows, and over varied terrain, as a wild horse would.
    • Shelter is provided in a natural forest as well as a man-made run-in. The horses are free to come and go as they choose 24/7.
    • The hay is provided in slow-feeders and scattered along the track to encourage natural eating posture and movement.


    • Our horses are kept barefoot and provided with natural trims, proper nutrition and varied terrain to build and maintain strong, problem-free hooves.
    • When possible any ailments are addressed with natural healing methods including: herbs, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, reiki, acupressure.
    • Proper nutrition is provided by feeding hay grown without chemicals, with the lowest levels of Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC’s) as we can find.
    • Fresh grass and wild plants are grazed upon during times when NSC’s are at their lowest, as large amounts of forage with high NSC’s are unnatural to the horses diet.
    • Food supplements (garlic, kelp, salt, minerals, charcoal detoxifier, diatomaceous earth) are provided free choice. Beet pulp and ground flax seeds are fed occasionally when needed.


    • We believe in the motto of “love, language and leadership”. We are dedicated to building loving relationships, learning the language of the horse and becoming worthy leaders by studying and practicing Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship methods.

    Equine-Assisted Learning

    • The wonderful thing about Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning is that the horses benefit as much as the humans. It’s the concept of the wounded healer — the abused and neglected have an expanded capacity to heal others. As the person learns new ways of being in the world, so does the horse. And the horse finds a purpose, a reason for living. All this is very gratifying for us, the FEEL practitioners.

    “We must strive to understand our equines better so that we can provide them with a life that honours their inherent characteristics and nourishes their spirits.” — Kaileen St. Antoine, Hoof Help Canada